Monday, August 29, 2011

Less Party, More Fun

And so back for another blog of my mysterious nights that only my bro's and I actually experienced.  This time, instead of actually partying, we just spent the evening roaming campus looking for something to do.  After walking around for so dang long, we struck out on finding a campus store open so we didn't have to spend money on food.  Welcome Week really sucks balls because nothing is open late at night like it is during the school year.  After being depressed about not having snacks, a bro and I went out to just explore and this may sound gay, but just walking around and talking was really fun. I think we spent about 2 hrs just doing nothing but walking. Anyway, hope to post some sick adventures so stay tuned.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Epic Party Night

So last evening, I was pissed that I had to walk about 3 miles to get to some house party that nobody knew would be hot or not.  My bro's also endured the journey to this party.  The house was in the perfect place not surrounded by many houses at all for when we arrived, there were many people scattered around outside and inside.  We all were there for one thing though, JESTER FJORD!!!! Best dubstep dj around campus and with a campus size of 40,000 plus, that is impressive.  Walked downstairs to hear the band, and start jamming out a lil.  Oh I forgot to mention how we ran into an old friend! How magical.....anyway, after 3 hours and two incredible bands, one that had a sick bass player and saxophonist, the wait for some dubstep was over.  The dj hit it hard and the basement was bumping.  A couple of beats later, and it felt legit!!!!!!!  Everything was swirling around me and I thought I was swirling, but in all reality I was just standing there looking awkward probably.  The walk back literally felt like it took 5 minutes and I still cannot comprehend how it still feels that way.  The night was a huge success and one of the best I have had with my bros.  Huzzah to it and look for many more tails of interest to come.  It's time for some mischief!!